How Kelmac onside ISO 14001 Internal Auditor Training helps you?

ISO 14001 is a highly popular ISO standard. Besides being of great importance, it is also gaining in popularity. There is a perfectly valid reason for that too. The reason is that ISO 14001 is all about maintaining a high environmental standard; besides reaping the benefit of being accepted worldwide.

ISO 14001 is highly beneficial since it plays an important role in complementing the organizations existing efforts to minimize any harmful effect their activities are having on the environment.

With ISO 14001 you have a set of guidelines to follow which allows the organization implement the international environmental management standard.

The fact that ISO14001 also encourages and promotes continual optimization of the organization in order to improve their efficiency in terms of environmental impact makes this international standard all the more meaningful.

ISO 14001 Internal Auditor training:

The Internal Auditor is often also called the fact finder as their main task is to detect the effectiveness of the system, process and approach in reducing the environmental impact of the organization.

However since no two organization are the same neither is the Internal Audit, hence there are a few boundaries and audit methodologies that an Internal auditor can use to make things easier , as mentioned below:

  • Boundaries:

    • ISO 140001 Requirements

    • Documentation collected on your own

    • The requirements of the organization

    • The statutory and regulatory requirements

  • Audit Methodology:

    • Interviewing several people, including management.

    • Cross checking all records

    • Monitor the process of checking or testing being performed

    • Conduct own set of tests to verify the process and product parameters.

Kelmac ISO services

Besides which there are several special qualities that one expects from a Internal Auditor which can be described in the short list below:

  • It is a must that you act smartly and remain alert at times.

  • It is highly demanding role in terms of dealing with many kinds of people; hence it is necessary to have the ability to adapt to the attitude of the people as well to the situation.

  • It is essential to gather all the facts; even if it means using UN-conventional methods to do so.

  • It is also important to have the ability and patience to listen to what is being said and act on that information instead of having a fixed agenda and remaining rigid.

  • It is a must that the Internal Auditor is aware of all the assessment and audit techniques.

  • It is also necessary to be able to make a quick analysis of the situation as well as the facts; this can greatly improve the process of the Internal Auditor.

  • There are several other qualities that can prove to be valuable and beneficial like being sensitive to the feelings and motives or the other person

  • It is necessary not to get into an argument too, but instead be patient and resolve a situation tactfully.

Kelmac training offers several ISO 14001 Internal Auditor Training courses. In fact it has been doing so since a very long time. Their highly trained and skilled staff have proven their worth time after time. The onside ISO 14001 Internal Auditor Training Class offered by Kelmac, is the one that has captured the attention of many organizations.


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