What You Should Expect From Your 9001 ISO internal lead auditor Training Courses?

If you are planning for ISO internal lead auditor training course, then you definitely understand the importance of a good relationship between the management and customer satisfaction is first priority for any organization.

Organizations are now these days are giving importance to the system quality and its management. Organizations can simply ask any legal company to provide 16 hours IRCA Certified Internal QMS Auditor training course. The program is conducted in the company only. Other, aspired employees can also join the training courses.

You should join the program only when:

  • You are interested in conducting the internal audits

  • You can take immediate charge and manage things in the absence of senior

When you are attending the training program, you must make sure that the invitation mail has following items to be covered:

The course must offer:

  • Understanding the ISO 9001 requirements

  • Quality Management System Overview

  • An Introduction to Quality Management Standards

  • Commonly used quality management terms and their definitions

  • ISO accordance 8 quality Principles

  • Model, and structure based management

  • Open discussion on the issues

When you are working in a QMG team, within a week you will be familiar with the framework, gradually. You should be explained the role of an internal auditor, and how the audit plan is designed. Every department is different, so the plan must be designed accordingly. While conducting an audit, you must look confidence, you are taking the charge to change the look of mismanaged system. You must be clear with the expected answers before you start the audit. You must do the audit in accordance with ISO.

Kelmac services

Reporting is the main part, when the audit is complete, the internal auditor, off the reel must update the report and use it in upcoming follow ups. The managed reports also helps during the third party audit visits.

There is no particular prerequisite to attend the course, but expectation is to have a slight knowledge of QMS principles and its concepts, like, Planning, checking, reporting and ACT cycle.


If you want to be one of those ISO system auditors e.g. internal auditing. If you are not aware of the per-requisite knowledge of ISO 9001, please contact our experts.


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