ISO: 9001 Training

ISO 9000 Certification

What is an ISO 9001, from where does this term come from, and why it is required? These questions come when you register for an ISO 9001 training. This article is the answer to all your questions.

What is an ISO 9001

It is a standard which follows ISO 9001 norms and through a systemic documentation and requirement process, it builds a quality management. The documents designed in the framework must be maintained and updated gradually with the time. This standard comes from an ISO 9000 family, but only 9001 requires certification course. Earlier it was known as 9001:2000 standard (no more in use), but now it is addressed as 9001:2008, with the latest updates and changes in the framework.

ISO 9001 has been accepted all around the globe as a Quality Management System. You may want to know what topics are covered in this standard, so let us have a look on two major topics;

Quality management system: It is an irony that people think that QMS team is just a set of documents for QMS team itself, which is wrong, the set of documents are applied to the entire system. The procedural use of these documents determine the growth and status of any department. Remember, you might work for a separate division in your company, but the QMS team ensures that all the department brings out best results.

About ISO 9001 requirements: This part of the training focuses on the QMS document requirement, its scope and limitation, it talks about the required procedures and forms. The management levels too are engaged with the fulfillment of requirements, which includes, customer satisfaction and management reviews.

Steps to ISO 9001 training: there are 8 steps which can be better understood by the given list:

1. About ISO 9001

2. Gap Analysis

3. Project plan preparation

4. Employee training

5. Documenting system

6. QMS implementation into the existing system

7. QMS audits

8. Audit registration with ISO:2008

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Kelmac is a leading, IRCA accredited ISO 9001 training provider. It focuses on all the steps and deliver talented auditors to the organizations. Contact +44.203.4324187 or drop and email at for more information.


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