ISO 9001:2015 New Sections Introduced

ISO 9001:2015

Performance evaluation is the most important phase of any Quality Management System process. For many years, this phase has been a part of ISO 9001, but its significance is mentioned precisely under the new version-ISO 9001:2015. Earlier, there was not particular section on this, but in the new version an entire clause is dedicated to this topic. The company performs PIP (performance improvement program) with the employee, to extract the hidden ability of the employee. This is the situation where an employee has not given 100% percent at work, still the company has hopes to make it happen through PIP (Performance Improvement Program). Similar case is with Performance Evaluation Process, under PDCA (Plan-do-check-act) cycle, QMS is checked periodically. It ensures the implemented ISO 9001 framework is running properly, and if required new changes are introduced.

Mostly, new version contains the same requirement from the older version, but there are three more sub-sections introduced that discuss what performance evaluations to be applied in the current QMS.

  • Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis, & Evaluation

  • Internal Audit

  • Management Review

These three sections determine the success track of the implemented processes. It is very necessary for the processed to meet the requirement deemed important at the time of planning the QMS.

Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis, & Evaluation:

In Monitoring, measurement, analysis, and evaluation, it is very important for the company to determine, which part of the process to be measured and when? Then set the period of analysis and evaluation of the measurement. This is how monitoring of the crucial parts of the process is done. Also, the manager who is responsible for the proper functioning of the QMS can track the fault easily.

Monthly or Periodical Internal Audit:

Many, certification provider companies allocate client manager at the site who ensures the proper installation of QMS work culture and trains internal people who he expects will carry forward the current system. It is very important for the internal auditor to make sure QMS is running as per the requirement measured, and expected outputs are being generated. This process of audit comes under evaluation. The main aim of internal audit is to make sure that every process applied meets the ISO standards and deemed requirements by the company.

Management review:

As per the new feature introduced, the reports and results should be generated by the senior managers. If managerial level is not aware of the reports then it is a wastage of all three time, money and efforts. Reports are the best way to determine how seriously the QMS and its periodical audit are being taken. If required modifications are applied to the current system.

Kelmac Training Group Offers ISO 9001:2015 Training Course and Certification:

Where many ISO certification training providers are still unaware of the new standard been introduced, Kelmac Training Group has already set the syllabus for the ISO 9001:2015 Fundamentals Training Course. It is always recommended to the organizations to have a Lead Auditor to run the process perfectly. ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor Certification Training Course trains your most capable employee and let him lead the internal audits in the future. They also provide two-day IRCA Certified Internal QMS Auditor training course.

To know more about the course, visit the website:


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