What is the 9001 Version 2015 Standard and it’s Benefits?

ISO 9001:2015

The new revision of ISO 9001 is now called ISO 9001:2015, it has made positive changes in the technology industry. The three major promises have been made with the rise of this new and revised standard;

  • More efficient
  • User Friendly
  • Yet relevant to QMS

What are the new main changes in ISO 9001?

Since the launch of this new revision, everyone has been asking that what changes will ISO 9001:2015 bring?

For an answer, ISO 9001 Quality Standard Revision 2015 has simplified documentation which will make unification with the other management system standards easily.

It will inform about the goal and ask “what is being done to achieve that goal.” It will check whether the system is working in a manner to achieve the expected result.

Earlier there was a section, namely, ‘process approach’, which has been combined with the all new concept ‘risk based thinking’. The reason behind combining and introducing a new section is to prioritize the processes. It will also ensure that the processes are being managed properly in order to keep improvising the entire system. This trick has been named as, Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. This approach will avoid unwanted risks and output.

Another major change is in fact comes with a huge benefit, and intends the betterment of the organization. This new version introduces a high-level structure of ISO management systems standards which will impact several people in the organization like;

  • Trainers

  • Consultants

  • Certification and Accreditation bodies

  • Auditors

  • Standards Writers and Project Specific Quality Analyst.

According to the new law of ISO, in a way, entire organization hierarchy will follow this framework in order to maintain the consistency and compatibility. It will not lead any confusion and keep things transparent.

How will the changes benefit you?

ISO 9001:2015 obliges organizations to think over their circumstances rather than implementing a QMS. SO far organizations have always concerned about their products and their quality. It is now time to think about their internal processes and hierarchy. They will have the flexibility to choose the nature and amount of the documentation required based on the nature of the business.

Documentation is always a better way to keep evidences safe. It lets you write it once and save it for the future references and evidences. The purpose of an ISO standard is to motivate companies understand the importance of documentation since early, and maintain it for their own betterment.

Assets of risk-based thinking and Involving the top management

Risk based thinking will let you identify the potential risks and keep managerial people engage with the risks and their solution. This process will increase the chance of success.

It is the irony of every organization where senior level hardly knows the small issues happening within the junior level, which have the potential to grow on a bigger scale and create disturbance throughout the system. It is always good to fix the issue timely before it is stretched. This top-down trick will increase the efficiency and raise the status of ISO 9001.

Who is global provider of ISO Certification?

The Kelmac Group has developed a status in the eyes of some leading organization throughout the world by training leaders. They believe in shaping the better future by providing learning solutions to the Executive Management, Practitioners and Auditors. To register yourself for the ISO 9001 Quality Training Classes, visit their website http://www.kelmactraining.co.uk/


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