How ISO 14001 Certified Trainer Proves to be Constructive?

ISO 14001 identifies the requirement to maintain the Environmental management system (EMS) within the organization. A trainer is allocated to assist the team within the organization to manage the environmental issues with the process oriented approach.

Any organization must have a manager to look after the environment management system. The trainer allocated must have SPOC to talk with over environmental issues and processes.

Also, after the training is completed, there must be someone to ensure that the established processes and designs work regularly.

The major role of an EMS trainer is to assist the EMS group in the following ways:

  • Establish EMS and make employees aware about its importance
  • Assist EMS group people in planning and designing the process
  • Implementing the process and keep the organization workers in the loop about the process being deployed.
  • Make sure the EMS works properly
  • Keep senior level employees in the loop, so that they are aware of the processes, and their results
  • Maintaining records and report

However, ISO 14001 trainer realizes the EMS group following duties:

  • Save the cost by emphasizing on waste management
  • Develop a good will in the corporate world
  • Control over the operations on the environment
  • Quantify and manage the EMS and improve the performance
  • Spread judicial awareness and compliance about the environment
  • Ensure company’s assets, and shares invested
  • Reduce the liability insurance costs
  • Increase the client retention
  • Increase the access with business partners

Where ISO14001 ensures the environment is pollution free, another standard ISO 18001 identifies risk of health and provides a system for measuring and improving it.

The combined ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 lead auditor training course

Kelmac group offers world’s first IRCA Certified Combined ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor Training Course. The duration of the course is just 6.5 days. If instead of taking both the trainings separately, you waste 35% of your time.

Who can provide the combined training for both the standards?

Kelmac group provides certification in the both the standards, and allocates the trainer for every size and type of organization to get an initial assistant. Other than these standards, Kelmac offers training in 10 different standards, includes;

  • Environmental training
  • Food Safety
  • Health & Safety
  • Information Security
  • Integrated Management
  • Laboratory
  • Medical Devices
  • Quality Management
  • Risk Management
  • Energy Management

Visit the link for more information.


What You Should Expect From Your 9001 ISO lead auditor Training Course?

It is a responsibility of every organization to maintain the quality of product they manufacture. Managing the quality is not a one man task, a team is established to identify the risk and plan to overcome the risks. This team is called Quality management team and the auditors are quality analysts.

However, not any random employee can become an auditor. A proper training and certification is required to become a Lead auditor who controls the quality system under a framework which also meets ISO standard.

Any employee of the company can apply to for the ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Training Course, they need to cover following topics to acquire the certification;

  • Purpose of the Quality Management System
  • Principles of QMS
  • Understanding ISO 9000, ISO 9001
  • 9001 Requirement
  • Roles and responsibilities of Lead Auditor
  • Planning the audit
  • Conducting the audit
  • Reporting audit results
  • Follow up audit, announcing corrective actions
  • Understanding accreditation services

Kelmac services

The training takes a week to cover all the topics, any employee can apply for it, however basic knowledge in prior about the program and aim behind it will not leave you blank in the first session.

The course is just not about spoon feeding, the participants need to put issues to the trainer and bring up an open loop conversation so that maximum information can be fetched.

On a successful completion of the training participants will be given a certificate, which will make them eligible to conduct audits.

A good IRCA certified ISO 9001 Lead auditor training center:

KELMAC Training center is a London, UK based ISO 9001 Lead Auditor training center, which offers IRCA Certified ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Training Course. It provides lead auditing skill-set that is recognized internationally. It teaches students the 8 principles of the QMS, processes, and techniques to use during the assessment of any product.

If you are looking for a great place for the certification, then Ireland and Kelmac Group should be the first choice, because it is the oldest Irish IRCA Accredited Training Provider of Quality training in Ireland since 1994.

This course can be taken by anyone who aspires to lead and manage a Quality initiative or department. Aspirants who seek to assess and manage the supply chain in the Quality field and person with greater insight into the implementation and requirements of Quality Systems must attend this course.

To know more give a call on +44 203 432 4187 or visit the website.

What is ISO 13485 – Quality Management for the Medical Device Industry?

The ISO 13485 is similar to the other international standards of ISO. In fact it is very similar to ISO 9001 which is something to do with quality management. However the ISO 13485 is about the manufacturing of medical devices and the quality management system that needs to be in place for such organizations.

Hence the question “What is ISO 13485?” can be answered in a more descriptive manner like this: In general there are regulations regarding the manufacturing of medical devices however what ISO 13485 does is makes sure that this quality level is at a high standard such that it is internationally recognized by most firms around the globe and customers too.

The Certification process

The certification process for ISO 13485 is similar to other ISO standards in the sense that it is possible to take the help and support of an ISO 13485 consultant to achieve the target of being compliant with the requirements for certification which would be later followed by the audit for certification. The process goes like this:

  • Identify the requirements and how they are applicable to your organization

  • Analysis and access the state your organization and the effort and cost needed to gain compliance.

  • Planning each stage toward the final goal is an important step of this process.

  • Preparing for final assessment with a pre-assessment check always pays off.

  • Finally the official assessment is where everything should fall in place and be ready.

Kelmac International is a Medical Device Certification Consultant

Kelmac International can help with process of ISO 13485 certification in more ways than one. They have an edge having been involved with clients in several countries around the world, some of which are even the fortune 500 companies.

ISO: 9001 Training

ISO 9000 Certification

What is an ISO 9001, from where does this term come from, and why it is required? These questions come when you register for an ISO 9001 training. This article is the answer to all your questions.

What is an ISO 9001

It is a standard which follows ISO 9001 norms and through a systemic documentation and requirement process, it builds a quality management. The documents designed in the framework must be maintained and updated gradually with the time. This standard comes from an ISO 9000 family, but only 9001 requires certification course. Earlier it was known as 9001:2000 standard (no more in use), but now it is addressed as 9001:2008, with the latest updates and changes in the framework.

ISO 9001 has been accepted all around the globe as a Quality Management System. You may want to know what topics are covered in this standard, so let us have a look on two major topics;

Quality management system: It is an irony that people think that QMS team is just a set of documents for QMS team itself, which is wrong, the set of documents are applied to the entire system. The procedural use of these documents determine the growth and status of any department. Remember, you might work for a separate division in your company, but the QMS team ensures that all the department brings out best results.

About ISO 9001 requirements: This part of the training focuses on the QMS document requirement, its scope and limitation, it talks about the required procedures and forms. The management levels too are engaged with the fulfillment of requirements, which includes, customer satisfaction and management reviews.

Steps to ISO 9001 training: there are 8 steps which can be better understood by the given list:

1. About ISO 9001

2. Gap Analysis

3. Project plan preparation

4. Employee training

5. Documenting system

6. QMS implementation into the existing system

7. QMS audits

8. Audit registration with ISO:2008

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How Kelmac Help you?

Kelmac is a leading, IRCA accredited ISO 9001 training provider. It focuses on all the steps and deliver talented auditors to the organizations. Contact +44.203.4324187 or drop and email at for more information.

What You Should Expect From Your 9001 ISO internal lead auditor Training Courses?

If you are planning for ISO internal lead auditor training course, then you definitely understand the importance of a good relationship between the management and customer satisfaction is first priority for any organization.

Organizations are now these days are giving importance to the system quality and its management. Organizations can simply ask any legal company to provide 16 hours IRCA Certified Internal QMS Auditor training course. The program is conducted in the company only. Other, aspired employees can also join the training courses.

You should join the program only when:

  • You are interested in conducting the internal audits

  • You can take immediate charge and manage things in the absence of senior

When you are attending the training program, you must make sure that the invitation mail has following items to be covered:

The course must offer:

  • Understanding the ISO 9001 requirements

  • Quality Management System Overview

  • An Introduction to Quality Management Standards

  • Commonly used quality management terms and their definitions

  • ISO accordance 8 quality Principles

  • Model, and structure based management

  • Open discussion on the issues

When you are working in a QMG team, within a week you will be familiar with the framework, gradually. You should be explained the role of an internal auditor, and how the audit plan is designed. Every department is different, so the plan must be designed accordingly. While conducting an audit, you must look confidence, you are taking the charge to change the look of mismanaged system. You must be clear with the expected answers before you start the audit. You must do the audit in accordance with ISO.

Kelmac services

Reporting is the main part, when the audit is complete, the internal auditor, off the reel must update the report and use it in upcoming follow ups. The managed reports also helps during the third party audit visits.

There is no particular prerequisite to attend the course, but expectation is to have a slight knowledge of QMS principles and its concepts, like, Planning, checking, reporting and ACT cycle.


If you want to be one of those ISO system auditors e.g. internal auditing. If you are not aware of the per-requisite knowledge of ISO 9001, please contact our experts.

ISO Certified Training Proves to Be Constructive

Have you ever thought that holding a ISO 9001 (QMS) Lead Auditor Training Course can make you the most desirable candidate for any prominent organization, all over the world.


The purpose of this article is to serve the importance of ISO 9001 lead auditor training (QMS) program and its certification process. A good quality management system ensures healthy organizational process and high net revenue.

Exploring things on own, learning it, implementing it and managing it is a tedious task. Not everyone can manage to control all the things at a time, where in this time, the world wants everything to be completed on time without any error. Taking a look at the competition in any field, companies are bound to build a good structure of their working system, just to deliver error less work to their clients.

Hiring people who have all the skills like, designing, implementing and managing, might be a cost saving idea for the companies, but the results are not guaranteed. Instead, hiring people who have specialized skilled for a particular subject and ensure an accountability for the respective field is much easier to handle.

These days, companies are looking for people who possess good knowledge of quality and auditing. If you are one of those who believe that any process must have a good start and systematic end, then you deserve to be an ISO 9001 lead auditor. However, this position requires special certified course- ISO 9001 (QMS) Lead Auditor Training Course. This course builds auditors capable enough to perform audits fulfilling the guidelines.

There are two types of audits:

ISO 9001 Internal Audit, where a company hires trained people who perform financial and documentation examination of the company itself. For any company, it is necessary to contain a QMG team who performs audit on all the department, on the regular basis. The benefit of doing a regular audit checkup generates good results in the end of the year.

ISO 9001 External Audit, which is performed by a third party group. The group of people are highly trained professionals, who hardly leave any point to bring out the successful audit.

Check out for the IRCA Certified ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Training Course, where individuals are taught to be faithful with what they have learn. These individuals are trained with the principle of the quality, which is quality system. They are trained in the following areas:

  1. Audit preparation before they perform it, which includes designing a framework and documents to capture notes from the audit.
  2. Reporting the results to the Quality Management group and analyzing the status by comparing the last audit with the latest.
  3. Regular follow up of their audits.

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Kelmac group is an IRCA Accredited Training Provider of Quality training in Ireland since 1994, to register yourself in an ISO 9001 certified course, visit our website:

How Kelmac onside ISO 14001 Internal Auditor Training helps you?

ISO 14001 is a highly popular ISO standard. Besides being of great importance, it is also gaining in popularity. There is a perfectly valid reason for that too. The reason is that ISO 14001 is all about maintaining a high environmental standard; besides reaping the benefit of being accepted worldwide.

ISO 14001 is highly beneficial since it plays an important role in complementing the organizations existing efforts to minimize any harmful effect their activities are having on the environment.

With ISO 14001 you have a set of guidelines to follow which allows the organization implement the international environmental management standard.

The fact that ISO14001 also encourages and promotes continual optimization of the organization in order to improve their efficiency in terms of environmental impact makes this international standard all the more meaningful.

ISO 14001 Internal Auditor training:

The Internal Auditor is often also called the fact finder as their main task is to detect the effectiveness of the system, process and approach in reducing the environmental impact of the organization.

However since no two organization are the same neither is the Internal Audit, hence there are a few boundaries and audit methodologies that an Internal auditor can use to make things easier , as mentioned below:

  • Boundaries:

    • ISO 140001 Requirements

    • Documentation collected on your own

    • The requirements of the organization

    • The statutory and regulatory requirements

  • Audit Methodology:

    • Interviewing several people, including management.

    • Cross checking all records

    • Monitor the process of checking or testing being performed

    • Conduct own set of tests to verify the process and product parameters.

Kelmac ISO services

Besides which there are several special qualities that one expects from a Internal Auditor which can be described in the short list below:

  • It is a must that you act smartly and remain alert at times.

  • It is highly demanding role in terms of dealing with many kinds of people; hence it is necessary to have the ability to adapt to the attitude of the people as well to the situation.

  • It is essential to gather all the facts; even if it means using UN-conventional methods to do so.

  • It is also important to have the ability and patience to listen to what is being said and act on that information instead of having a fixed agenda and remaining rigid.

  • It is a must that the Internal Auditor is aware of all the assessment and audit techniques.

  • It is also necessary to be able to make a quick analysis of the situation as well as the facts; this can greatly improve the process of the Internal Auditor.

  • There are several other qualities that can prove to be valuable and beneficial like being sensitive to the feelings and motives or the other person

  • It is necessary not to get into an argument too, but instead be patient and resolve a situation tactfully.

Kelmac training offers several ISO 14001 Internal Auditor Training courses. In fact it has been doing so since a very long time. Their highly trained and skilled staff have proven their worth time after time. The onside ISO 14001 Internal Auditor Training Class offered by Kelmac, is the one that has captured the attention of many organizations.