ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor Training and Certification Details

ISO 900 Lead Auditor Training and CertificationWhere the delegates are already busy with their dates and diary, they can give very less time for any other activity (even if it’s important) other than their routine meetings and assignments. In that case they adjust their routine tasks and give a few moment to those activities which are important as well as play a key role in their job profile. IRCA certification is one of them. IRCA certified ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor training course can be completed within 5 days, and has been specially designed for the trainees to give them a good understanding of principles and practices to take the responsibility to run QMS audits effectively. It expects that the leads must run the process which meets the requirements of the new ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The training also aims junior level to understand the significance of this standard, its certification and cooperate with leads during the audits.

Who should attend the training course?

2015 Lead Auditor Training Course can be attended by anyone who has a passion to lead the team of auditors and provide services at 3rd party audits in any organizations.

ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor Training Course

  • Though it is a 5 day course but it covers all the important topics:
  • Understanding different types of Quality Management Systems and Respective Audits
  • Terminologies used in Quality management and Audits
  • Processes, procedures, documents and records
  • Documentation Review
  • Conducting and Leading on sit-audits
  • Conducting Closure of the Meeting
  • Generate Reports based on the audits
  • Understanding the ISO 9001 Standard’s Requirement
  • Objective Settings
  • Leading each process of the audit
  • Setting the scope of the Audit and Criteria
  • Plan the Audit
  • Responsibilities during and after the Audit

2015, ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Training Course Benefits

  • You get to understand the new changes happened in the 2015 version and easily figure out the differences and compare it with the earlier versions.
  • With the maximum knowledge of all the versions, you gain recognition amongst competitors and customers. Being a Lead Auditor puts a cherry on the cake.
  • You get to meet most experienced people who have rich experience of the ISO standard and its principles. You learn so much from them.
  • You can see your bright future as a QA manager someday.

Who provides the ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor Training Course?

Kelmac Training is the UK based IRCA certified learning and training company that offers 5 days ISO 9001 2015 certification Lead auditor training. Other than ISO 001, they offer training in other standard as well, such as, Environment Management System, Food Safety and etc. Visit their website


Benefits of taking up a Lead Auditor Training Course

Almost everyone must have heard of ISO 9001 at some time or the other. Either in an advertisement on TV, printed on a brochure or on a billboard of some company. It is also well known that ISO 9001 is about a quality standard however few know must be aware of what the criteria is for obtaining an ISO 9001 certificate. To be an ISO 9001 certified company requires a lot of effort in many areas and applies to all firms (big or small), be it a product or a service oriented firm.

Defining ISO 9001:

ISO 9001 is all about a quality management system and applies to almost business areas. It includes everything from equipment, services, people, training to facilities. The way it works is the organization works to meet the requirements of their customers and at the same time maintain a high standard of quality as defined by the ISO 9001 guidelines.

This is an international standard and it especially useful and in fact a requirement to engage in import/export for many countries. The ISO 9001 certificate is provided by a third party certification body after their audits and reports meet the required standard.

Benefits of ISO 9001

Implementing the ISO 9001 standard is beneficial to all concerned which includes the employees, the employer and the customers as well.

  • The standard establishes a framework that creates the appropriate setting and atmosphere for a well organized quality management system.

  • This means that the customers are also satisfied that they are receiving a high quality product or service.

  • The ISO 9001 certification means frequent audits to make sure the firm conforms with the high standards as well as continuous improvement of the systems and processes.

Our services

ISO 9001 lead auditor training

ISO 9001 lead auditor training is highly beneficial for those interested in the audit of quality management systems to meet the high standards of ISO 9001. Although it can also help someone at a management level who responsibility is being the Quality System Manager.

The ISO 9001 lead auditor training courses are all about equipping you with the knowledge of the purpose of Quality Management Systems and the basic principles of quality management.

  • It helps with the true definition and also help interpret and also audit the ISO 9001 requirements.

  • The course helps you correctly analyze the reports to determine the conformance of the firm with the ISO 9001 requirements.

  • Defines the role and responsibilities of the lead auditor.

  • Provide the necessarily training that is required to evaluate the quality policy and objectives of an organization which may also mean interviewing the top management.

  • It helps you create the optimal plan, performing the appropriate audit as well as generating a checklist.

Kelmac Group makes clear and simple

Kelmac Group offers ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Training Course which is also IRCA certified. It has been specially designed to provide maximum exposure to a real-like situation while also providing the necessary training on the ISO standard.